The Right Distance on Smart Phones

Smart phones connected with Wifi/3G make it easier than ever
to share photos onto the web. Just take it, and tap with the fingertip to

However, some interaction designs are not as thoughtful as users expect
them to be…

For example, in this photo as below, the “delete” and “upload” buttons are placed next to each other.

If the finger tip is about the same size as this earphone plug, the possibility of making mistakes is very high. If the user tries to delete but taps the “upload” by mistake, the photo will be uploaded immediately onto the online album. If the user taps on “delete”, the conversation box shows to make sure. Obviously, it is much easier and faster to share than to delete.

Is “share” more important than “delete”? Out of 10 photos we take (especially of
ourselves), how many of them do we want to keep and share, and how many of them do we delete immediately?

When it comes to taking photos on smart phones, the function to “delete” is as important as “share”, if not more important. In other words, don’t let the users lose control over their gadgets.

A “smart phone” isn’t just easy – it is thoughtful.


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